Garrett Harte helps to create and deliver communications strategies for media companies, brands, organisations and individuals.

Garrett is a multi award-winning media executive with over two decades of experience in Irish media. As the former Editor in Chief of Newstalk radio station, he has led and shaped the national current affairs debate on critical political, social and cultural events for many years, and during this time has managed a host of leading Irish broadcasters including Ivan Yates, Claire Byrne, George Hook and Pat Kenny.

Garrett also coached and mentored scores of producers, researchers and reporters, many of whom are key leaders in Ireland’s broadcast media today. He was a central figure in the start-up teams of both TV3 and Newstalk, and developed and produced formats including ‘The Right Hook’, ‘Newstalk Breakfast’ and TV3’s ‘20/20’ current affairs series.

He played a key role in securing the national radio licence for Newstalk in 2007 and led the transformation of the radio station to a multi-platform media brand. During his years with Newstalk, the station picked up the Station of the Year award on six occasions. He also picked up an IFTA Film & TV nomination.

Garrett has also held positions with the UTV Group and most recently in a consultancy role with Communicorp Media. He is a Senior Industry Advisor with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), currently advising on business strategy with Express FM Radio in Tunisia.

Garrett’s frank yet personable approach has earned him an excellent reputation across the communications and media industry, and for many in sector, he is the go-to person for insight and thought leadership on areas such as coaching & talent management, editorial insight, strategic communications, and developing cutting-edge content and formats that are modern and relevant.

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Garrett will provide an evidence-based analysis of the media positioning of your corporate brand, review of PR and brand perception to assist in the delivery of your strategic plan. He will bring an experienced set of eyes to create an effective, measurable strategy to achieve corporate or/and personal goals in line with your overall objectives.
The media audit will pinpoint the key communication messages and the most effective delivery routes – budgeting and creation of KPIs, identifying the key resources required to be sure of effective execution, training and upskilling where required.


Having led one of Ireland’s leading influencer brands, Garrett has a unique understanding of the media industry and the strategic priorities. His experience offers insight on matters of importance across current affairs, business, politics and media. He will provide a range of services including strategy planning, competitor analyses and industry trends. Garrett will help you create bespoke internal and external messaging and offer advice on the right communication strategy for your business objectives.


Garrett has coached many of the country’s leading broadcasters, editors and producers, directing them on the key questions to ask and the angles to take on the big issues. He knows how to spot and develop a story.
He understands how a piece of content works across audio, video and social media platforms and he knows how to build audiences. Garrett will help you to develop content and campaigns that deliver performance, impact and point of difference in order to grow your business.


“Garrett is a Senior Industry Advisor working on my team at the EBRD.
We work with SME leaders in Creative Industries, helping them to execute transformational growth plans.
Garrett’s impact is significant. He is down to earth, object driven and always ambitious for his clients.
He has the patience to win over challenging clients and the authority to mentor them towards a better plan for their business”.
Frank HanniganTC Creative Industries, EBRD

“In a rapidly fast-moving media environment, where circumstances can often dictate events, people look for leaders. We were lucky in Newstalk to have a natural one in Garrett. His razor-sharp judgment and excellent inter-personal skills helped keep our teams calm, focused and creative in the most challenging of times. His finest quality is his flair for talent management, and the manner in which he has patiently nurtured younger generations of media professionals and mentored older ones too. For years I was surrounded by people who’s job it was to tell me what not to say – Garrett was the first person who told me what to say.”

Ivan YatesNewstalk broadcaster & former Government Minister

“Garrett has been a phenomenal Editor for our station and was instrumental in building the station from a start-up to the success it is today.”

Lucy GaffneyChairperson of Communicorp