Strategic Communications

Public Relations is at the core of everything we do. We help companies, organisations and individuals meet their strategic objectives by enabling them to think differently, build influence and communicate with impact.
We will work closely with you to build a communications strategy that lines up with your business objectives. We will help you manage your brand reputation, connect you to the country’s top journalists and producers, and protect your brand in difficult situations.

Media Relations

Having led one of Ireland’s key influencer brands, Newstalk, Garrett Harte has a unique understanding of how the media industry works and more importantly, thinks. He has coached and directed many of the country’s leading broadcasters and producers, from Ivan Yates to Claire Byrne to Pat Kenny. He will work with you to pinpoint your key communication messages and identify the most effective delivery routes.

Public Affairs

Garrett will assist you in building trusted and long-term relationships with audiences across the private and public sector. He will help you map out your industry stakeholders to ensure your public affairs work is targeted, focused and results driven. After connecting you with your key audience, Garrett will ensure you establish and develop relationships with Government stakeholders, and guide you on how best to navigate issues across the political and policy environment.

Media Training & Executive Coaching

Whether you’re a novice or an expert spokesperson, intensive media training is a vital factor in helping you hone your presentation skills. Our tailor-made, multi-media workshops encompass video and audio recordings packed with valuable tips and skills on how to ‘steer an interview’ and ultimately, ensure it connects with your audience. Using in-studio simulations, Garrett will coach and upskill you by creating real-life media scenarios which put you under pressure, test your interview techniques and make you think on your feet like a pro.

Reputation Management

As one of the country’s leading media experts, Garrett Harte’s experience offers insight on matters of public importance across business, politics, media and public affairs. Whether it is providing guidance on reputation management, helping you navigate the stakeholder environment or communicate to the people that matter, this expertise can help you deliver your message strategically in line with your long-term business objectives.


Telling your story with impact demands performance and thinking differently. Having created an array of influential radio and tv formats, Garrett will help you design and deliver your story in a creative, memorable and impactful form. We do this by working with you in a collaborative creative partnership, identifying the most appropriate medium for your message. We will help you create compelling content across podcasts and video casts to assist you in promoting and elevating the profile of your business.

Garrett Harte, Managing Director

Harte Media is led by Garrett Harte, a multi award-winning media executive with over two decades of experience in Irish media. As the former Editor in Chief of Newstalk radio station, he has led and shaped the national current affairs debate on critical political, social and cultural events for many years, and during this time has managed a host of leading Irish broadcasters including Ivan Yates, Claire Byrne, George Hook and Pat Kenny.

Garrett also coached and mentored scores of producers, researchers and reporters, many of whom are key leaders in Ireland’s broadcast media today. He was a central figure in the start-up teams of both TV3 and Newstalk, and developed and produced formats including ‘The Right Hook’, ‘Newstalk Breakfast’ and TV3’s ‘20/20’ current affairs series.

He played a key role in securing the national radio licence for Newstalk in 2007 and led the transformation of the radio station to a multi-platform media brand. During his years with Newstalk, the station picked up the Station of the Year award on six occasions. He also picked up an IFTA Film & TV nomination.

Garrett has also held positions with the UTV Group and most recently in a consultancy role with Communicorp Media. He is a Senior Industry Advisor with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) and Adjunct Professor at the School of Communications at Dublin City University (DCU). He is the author of a report for the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) entitled ‘The Future of Public Service Broadcasting on Independent Radio. The protection of journalism and impact on the democratic process’

Garrett’s frank yet personable approach has earned him an excellent reputation across the communications and media industry, and for many in sector, he is the go-to person for insight and thought leadership on areas such as strategic communication, media relations and political counsel.

The Work

Kilkenny Design Group

Communicating in the public eye is not something that has come easy to me over the years, and at times I have found it challenging to get my own story across. Garrett’s coaching helped me greatly to get beyond these challenges. He has a unique talent of helping you create your message, always remaining strategic, while working with you to deliver it in a focused, impactful yet natural manner. His knowledge of the workings of media and the insights he gave on storytelling were invaluable. He was a pleasure to work with.

Marian O’GormanCEO, Kilkenny Design

Rothco Accenture

Garrett worked with Rothco Accenture and O.N.E (Oglaigh Naisiunta na hEireann) to deliver the ‘Sleeping Flags’ campaign to highlight the plight of Irish army veterans who are homeless. Garrett provided high level public relations & media expertise to assist in bringing the story to public consciousness. The campaign was covered by every national TV, radio, online and newspaper platform as well as local and regional radio across Ireland. Within 48 hours, O.N.E. had received a 4,500% increase in donations versus the previous year. It also led to a discussion on the floor of Dail Eireann and a focus on the welfare of Irish veterans. The ‘Sleeping Flags’ campaign picked up a silver lion for PR activation at the 2019 Cannes Lions.

The work Garrett did in crafting the media campaign, preparing staff for interviews, and ongoing coaching was inspirational. His unique talent is in making complexity appear normal and in inspiring people to give of their best. The insights he gave on telling the story and focussing on the objective, in this case awareness of veterans in need, will stay with us for a long time. He made a significant impact that has energised the organisation and provided renewed impetus for such a worthwhile cause.

Colm Campbell Chairman, Oglaigh Naisiunta na hEireann

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Garrett delivered media training and executive coaching to members of the BNP Paribas Real Estate team. He had us working to a high performance with clear objectives on how best to communicate our message, helping the team build the story and execute it with impact. The day was focused, challenging and realistic. Garrett’s media experience provided a unique insight into how it feels to be interviewed face to face and creating a professional and calm approach to the media interviews undertaken by the team members.
Kenneth RousseManaging Director, BNP Paribas Real Estate



“In a rapidly fast-moving media environment, where circumstances can often dictate events, people look for leaders. We were lucky in Newstalk to have a natural one in Garrett. His razor-sharp judgment and excellent inter-personal skills helped keep our teams calm, focused and creative in the most challenging of times. His finest quality is his flair for talent management, and the manner in which he has patiently nurtured younger generations of media professionals and mentored older ones too. For years I was surrounded by people who’s job it was to tell me what not to say – Garrett was the first person who told me what to say.”

Ivan YatesNewstalk broadcaster & former Government Minister

“Garrett has been a phenomenal Editor for our station and was instrumental in building the station from a start-up to the success it is today.”

Lucy GaffneyChairperson of Communicorp
“Garrett is a Senior Industry Advisor working on my team at the EBRD.
We work with SME leaders in Creative Industries, helping them to execute transformational growth plans.
Garrett’s impact is significant. He is down to earth, object driven and always ambitious for his clients.
He has the patience to win over challenging clients and the authority to mentor them towards a better plan for their business”.
Frank HanniganTC Creative Industries, EBRD

Group Programme Director, Tindle Radio

Garrett worked closely with us to develop a bespoke training project for our News and Current Affairs department. He shared his experience generously and we were able to apply his knowledge well beyond the initial brief. Our team is now more productive, proactive and positive as a result.

Will FaulknerGroup Programme Director, Tindle Radio


Garrett Harte worked on overseeing changes in KCLR’s news and current affairs department. The actions he recommended immediately improved our content.
Garrett also mentored me as presenter of KCLR’s flagship talk show, KCLR Live, suggesting and overseeing changes to make our programme slicker.
It is easy to see that Garrett is an industry man with experience from the bottom up. This makes a difference when it comes to busy local newsrooms— he understands the demands and pressures of feeding the news beast so is realistic with what works and what is not sustainable.

Eimear Ni BhraonáinHead of News & Presenter of ‘KCLR Live’


Radio today is such a fast-moving multi-media / multi-platform business. Training is so important to us in WLR. Garrett’s expertise and opinion were vital in a recent re-launch of our News and Current Affairs programme. The training sessions were engaging, informative, energetic and very rewarding. Garret brings a huge amount of industry experience and knowledge. The agreed strategies were clear, focused and on-point. His passion for radio was very clear and I would highly recommend him for your business

Michael ByrneProgramme Director, WLR


Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI)

Garrett was commissioned by the IBI to write a report on the future funding of public service broadcasting on independent radio. The report entitled “The Future of Public Service Broadcasting on Independent Radio. The protection of journalism and the impact on the democratic process” was published in April 2019


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